A core component of yChange is enabling students to take action on the focus issue they’ve chosen and reach their set goal by implementing their project plan. To assist students to implement their yChange action plan, the Commissioner is offering small yChange Action Grants of up to $500 per project.

A limited number of grants will be available.

Eligibility Criteria:

yChange Action Grants are open to applications from South Australian schools:

  • that have formally registered for yChange
  • whose students have completed Parts 1, 2, and 3 of yChange
  • whose students have developed their yChange Action Plan
  • that commit to using the financial support for the purpose/s intended
  • that seek to work collaboratively with the Commissioner for Children and Young People, South Australia.

Successful Applicants:

  • Can use the financial support to pay for costs associated with implementation of their Students’ yChange Action Plan.
  • Must upload their students’ final class project presentation into the yChange Project Showcase within (approximately) one month of their students completing the yChange learning journey.

How to Apply:

To apply please answer the following questions via email to ccyp.ychange@sa.gov.au with the subject “yChange Action Grant Application”:

  • Name of School:
  • Class Year Level:
  • Name of Teacher applying:
  • Best Contact Information: Phone / Email
  • Short Name of the yChange Project: (Based on the issue and goal for use in the yChange Project Showcase)
  • Number of students involved:
  • Outline the proposed yChange Action Plan including the issue and goal: (<200 words)
  • Outline how much funding is needed and what it will be used for: (<200 words)
  • Describe what the funding will achieve in relation to the project goal: (<200 words)

Grants will be awarded at the discretion of the Commissioner for Children and Young People, South Australia, whose decision will be final.

If you have any questions, please email ccyp.ychange@sa.gov.au.